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B O N E S   &   B A R L E Y

I N T E R I O R   S P A C E S

About Bones & Barley:

The name is inspired by nature and its beautiful colors. We believe the home should be a serene environment, a clean canvas for the personality that will inhabit it. We provide the "bones", you will add your twists and tweaks and the atmosphere will grow like barley in the sun.


Our strength is to think of the best possible way of how to utilize the available space. We love small and weirdly shaped houses and apartments.


The founder of Bones & Barley, after over 20 years in photography, is reviving her roots. As an internationally trained interior designer she consults small and bigger projects. 

w o r k


250,- Euro

Interior consulting

Send me pictures and a rough floorpan and I will sketch you my ideas for the space. After consulting with you I will alter the plan to your wishes and add suggestions for colours and textures. (3-4 hours