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An artist's storage room is always too small. We always work on new projects, pictures must get framed for shows and fairs and some of them return and need to be stored for the next exhibition. Over the years framed pieces slowly add up along the shelves and sometimes it takes a wile for their next commission. I always feel a bit sad for the pictures - here they were, admired in bright light at a fancy art show in Paris and now some of them return to an unglamourous life in a dark storage room. 


Now the gift giving season just started and I thought it would be a great time to find new homes for some pieces. A life in a beautiful room is so much preferable to a sad existence in storage. So I pulled out some pictures and offer them to you with a nice discount, hoping to make someone - besides the artwork - happy!

I am also starting a new capsule collection in 2018. The idea behind this new size is to make art available for young collectors on a budget or downsizing minimalists who are looking for smaller pieces. Specially after a big art fair like Paris Photo, where it seems all art is gaining dimension from year to year, I wish some of my favorite artists would offer an affordable option. So I hope this little format finds it's friends. The parameters have not changed: Toned Silver Gelatin darkroom print, signed, dated, numbered in a beautiful distance frame. 

Have a great X-mas season !!!

xxx Silke

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