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After studying interior design in Germany and also spending a semester in France, I moved to New York to work for a big architecture company and a store planning department. I was always fascinated by calm and serene places amidst a crowded day-to-day hustle and found it on the Calvary Cemetery in Queens, the Staten Island ferry or on the Coney Island boardwalk on winter weekends.

Having returned to Germany I moved to Berlin and from then on I only focused on photography. The focal point of my pictures always remained the same: With my travels to Nepal, India and South East Asia I tried to capture the beauty and serenity that can be found almost everywhere if one just looks for it.


I believe that this approach is as political nowadays just as much as it is to show what harm people do to other people and the environment. I don’t just want to show beautiful and peaceful places out of ignorance, but I need a balance for my mind. I need to remind myself that our world is a beautiful place and that people at all times found ways to celebrate this beauty. My work is a reminder of what we have on this planet and what we should try to preserve. 

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