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My first time on a cruise ship! My gallery in Hamburg Persiehl & Heine, is responsible for the exhibitions on board the MS EUROPA2 and chose my work for this wonderful journey. Carola Persiehl couldn't attend to it herself so she asked me to go along and be in charge. The journey started in Dubai and endet in Piraeus/Greece. I also took pictures along the way. Here are some impressions from behind the scenes - Enjoy!

Dubai - waiting to embark the MS Europa2

This is the map of the cruise. My personal highlights were definitely Jordan and Greece. I loved Petra and would have stayed in Jordan longer to see the desert at night if we just had more time. I will come back again!

Convoying the Suez Canal ist was also something very magical. Our convoy was put together of 26 ships. They gather in the morning at Suez and each ship is given a position in the convoy by the authoritys. With a distance of 3km between them, the ships travel from early morning to late afternoon through the canal to Port Said. Unfortunately the political situation in Egypt prevented the ship to stop for the Great Pyramids of Giza. I would have loved to see them too.

From the Sansibar you have the best views. Salalah, Oman

Leaving the port of Salalah, Oman

Petra welcomed us...

The brave can hire a horse carriage to go to the Treasury

The narrow passage that leads to Petra...