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In my opinion JENS KNIGGE is one of the best platinum printers in Germany. For a few weeks now, you can find his new work in a show in Berlin. I have to apologize for not posting about this exhibition earlier. (I was at the opening and loved it. But then came Christmas and New Years and all of a sudden it’s mid January - you know how it is…)

If you have not had the chance to see the show, go this Saturday afternoon. Jens will be signing his new book "contact: northern light" from 12-3pm, January 21st 2017 at JOHANNA BREEDE / BERLIN. I love her zen-like gallery space! It is bright and white and the photos can breathe. For his current work, Jens traveled to the north and came home with beautiful shots from Norway's snowy shores and the auroras in the fierce northern winter sky. The exhibition shows that you don't have to print bigger and bigger. I totally fell in love with his contact prints from the original film. They are not bigger then 6x7cm but they are so beautiful and precious, I want one very badly!

The show is running till February, 4th 2017 and I think it is one of the most beautiful photo exhibitions in Berlin right now.

Here a few pictures from his current work and some of my favorite pictures from past exhibitions. For minimalists, architects, and lovers of large format photography and the unique look of a platinum print: you must see this show! Definitely one of my 10 most admired photographers in town.

As usually, I apologize for my written english. I hope it amuses the native speaking folks among you - I am trying hard not to offend someone. If I have to change something severe - please let me know! xxx Silke

JENS KNIGGE Tufjorden 2014

JENS KNIGGE Frozen Tree 2015

JENS KNIGGE aurora VIII 2015

JENS KNIGGE L'Abbaye du Thoronet 2011

JENS KNIGGE museum of modern literature 2010

JENS KNIGGE L'Abbaye du Thoronet 2011

JENS KNIGGE goetheanum 2010

JENS KNIGGE museum of modern literature 2010

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