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Another beautiful group exhibition at BERNHEIMER FINE ART MUNICH

Platinum prints are top notch amongst the photographic print techniques. The emulsion used for the photographic process does not "sit" on top of the paper like the gelatin coat in silver gelatin printing, but the platinum soaks into the paper itself, giving the images their unique depth. Platinum prints are famous for their extraordinary range of greyscales, especially in the dark tones.

Alongside platinum prints from artist like Nick Brandt, Brigitte Carnochan, Sebastian Copeland, Horst P. Horst, Barry Lategan, Len Prince, Mirella Ricciardi, Herb Ritts, Jerry Schatzberg, Mark Seliger, George Tice and Gregor Toerzs my series from SOUTH AFRICA is exhibited.

Wrapped Torso, Los Angeles

HERB RITTS Wrapped Torso, Los Angeles, 1989

Otter trail, South Africa

SILKE LAUFFS Otter trail, South Africa, 2009

Jellyfish No.2

GREGOR TOERZS Jellyfish No.2

Ford Model

LEN PRINCE Ford Model V. New York, 1991


BARRY LATEGAN Twiggy, 1966