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The HORSES series was initiated by one of my collectors, who breeds Trakehner horses, a very old German race. She commissioned me to take portraits of her four mares. I used my 6 x 7 Horseman analog camera to do it “the old fashioned way”. The trainer tried to position the horses in the right spot and make them look “pretty”, while I tried to get them in focus and release the shutter at the right moment.

It was great to see the horses’ character shine through during the shooting – they all behaved very differently. One understood precisely what we wanted, but just refused to cooperate and demonstratively looked the other way. The next one was joking around the whole time, making faces, moving back and forth just a tiny bit always looking over to the trainer to see if he would react. Similar to a child trying to playfully stretch the rules. The third one seemed to be “up in the clouds” somewhat and the pregnant one just wanted to be done and over with the whole process to get back to the stable as quickly as possible.

The decision to print the images in PLATINUM was made because the horses unique beauty is best captured in this “slow” process and the nuances of their faces and bodies is shown beautifully. 

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