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South Africa was the first country I travelled to with my daughter. She was 11 months old at the time and it was great to see how she responded to the people, the  new food and the animals. Driving through Addo National Park, she was totally aware that elephants passing by our car at arm’s length were something very special.

South Africa is a great location to travel to with children. There is almost no time change and the weather is very similar to ours. A great place to get a break from the fierce Berlin winters.

The light is beautiful and the mix of cultures is very unique. The country has a long history of war, suppression and racism. But in the streets of Cape Town you can see young people of all races and nationalities mingle and it is very inspiring to see what positive change a country can go through in a relatively short time.

The nature in South Africa seemed to me more archaic then anywhere else I have been to before. I loved the colorful hustling and bustling of Cape Town and was very impressed by the coastal line and the wildlife along the way.

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