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Platinum prints are top notch amongst the photographic print techniques. The emulsion used for the photographic process does not “sit” on top of the paper like the gelatin coat in silver gelatin printing, but the platinum soaks into the paper itself, giving the images their unique depth. Platinum prints are famous for their extraordinary range of greyscales, especially in the dark tones.

Also, one can choose every fiber-based paper as a base for the platinum “coat”. I chose a 36 gram, handmade Japanese paper called TAIZAN. The structure of the cotton fibers is still visible and this adds to the earthy and archaic feeling of the images from South Africa.

If you want to learn more about the printing process, you may want to check the VIDEO of my fantastic printing team in Belgium. The technical details of platinum printing can be found in the PRINTS section. You can also search for “platinum” in my BLOG  for more pictures and information..

The platinum prints from South Africa are available in two sizes. The FRAMING suggestion can be found here. The HORSES series is also available in platinum.

For a custom-made portfolio please use the CONTACT  form

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